Midfoot Fixation Devices

CoLink® Mfx Midfoot Plating System

Designed to address fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the midfoot

animation of colink midfoot plate attached to bone

CoLink® XP Plating System

Achieve dynamic transverse compression via transverse lag screw


CoLink® View MTP and Lapidus Dynamic Compression Plating System

Featuring a PEEK hub and dynamic transverse compression

colink view compression plate in midfoot

CoLink® PCR Carbon Fiber Plating System

Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK is the new revolution

colink pcr attached to the bone


CoLag® Compression Screws 

Featuring a unique proximal thread and head design

three variations of colag compression screws

I.B.S.™ Snap-Off and Compression Screws

Designed to provide compression in cortical bones


NeoSpan® SE Compression Staples

A superelastic compression-ready fixation system designed for fixation of fractures, fusions, or osteotomies

neospan staples and animated midfoot

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