Hindfoot Implants & Suture Anchors

Hercules® Knotless Suture Anchor

PEEK anchor with unique suture channel that allows surgeons to implant, tension, and lock the anchor

hercules ft knotless anchor

Hercules® Fully Threaded Suture Anchor

PEEK anchor with BightForce™ Suture for a range of soft tissue fixation applications

hercules fully threaded anchor

Hercules® Knotless Syndesmosis Implant System

An alternative to rigid screw fixation

hercules knotless syndesmosis system implanted in the bone animation

PitStop™ Subtalar Implant

An endorthesis to be used in correction of flat foot

animation of pitstop in the bone

TruShot® with Y-Knot® All-in-One Tissue Fixation System

Anchor, Drill Bit, Guide – Fully loaded, ready-to-go out of the box

trushot all in one fixation system angled left side shot