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The Hyfrecator® is simple to use and easy to learn. In our skin clinic, we have a Hyfrecator® in each exam and procedure room. It is a very important part of our skin surgery practice.

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Richard P. Usatine, MD

Professor, Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery

Working at a Mohs clinic?

Chemical contents of electrocautery plume include carcinogens. Mohs patients and others in the procedure room are exposed to these harmful chemicals during use of electrosurgical instrumentation.1

Around 77% of particulate matter within surgical smoke was found to be less than 1.1 µm in size. Standard surgical masks filter particulate greater than 5 µm in size, and therefore do not provide protection against electrosurgical and laser plume.1

Patients were significantly less bothered by the smell of smoke when smoke evacuation was used, which provided an improved patient experience.2

1 Katoch, S., & Mysore, V. (2019). Surgical Smoke in Dermatology: Its Hazards and Management. Journal of cutaneous and aesthetic surgery, 12(1), 1–7.
2 Golda N, Beeson S, Kohli N, Merrill B. Analysis of the patient experience measure. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2018 Apr;78(4):645-651. doi: 10.1016/j. jaad.2017.03.051. PMID: 29548417

ViroVac® Surgical Smoke Evacuator

Compact for physician offices and clinics, with a customizable filter life and 3-port filter

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PlumePen® Pro Smoke Evacuation Pencil

A cost-effective, quality solution combining surgical smoke management with electrosurgery

plumepen pro pointing down showing its buttons on the pencil

SnapEvac™ Smoke Evacuation Electrosurgical Pencil Adapter

Just snap in the handpiece of your choice

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