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DuraClip™ Hemostasis Clips FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

DuraClip™ is offered in both 11mm and 16mm jaw openings. The catheter length is 235cm for both options.

DuraClip™ is MR conditional. This means that a patient who has DuraClip™ placed in their GI tract can get an MRI as long as certain conditions are followed, which are listed on the MR safety information patient card. MR Conditional safety cards can be found in the packaging.

DuraClip™ is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel does contain trace amounts of nickel. Please refer to the IFU for more information.

DuraClip™ is intended to be used for placement within the GI tract for the purposes of:

  • Endoscopic marking
  • Hemostasis for mucosal/submucosal defects <3cm, bleeding ulcers, polyps <1.5 cm in diameter, and diverticula in the colon
  • A supplementary method for closure of GI tract luminal perforations <20mm that can be treated conservatively

DuraClip™ can be used with any scope with an instrument channel of 2.8mm or larger. Additionally, DuraClip™ can be used over the elevator of an ERCP scope. This is due to the flexible distal portion of the catheter which allows it to be rotated and deployed over a fully engaged elevator of ERCP scope.