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Sterilization Trays

Hall® Powered Instruments offer a series of rigid sterilization containers and interchangeable inner trays that give customers the ability to customize their sterilization system to meet the needs of their facilities. The multi-tray system separates the drill handpiece from the saw handpieces in two customized, procedure-focused, half-size trays and allows you to only open what you need for the procedure.

Documents and Specifications


Hall 50™ 3/4-Size Inner Tray, Full Set

CAT # PRO7000T
Length 16.15"
Width 9.95"
Height 5.13
Weight 1574 grams

Hall® 3/4 Size Rigid Sterilization Container


1/2 Size Rigid Container


Hall 50™ 1/2-Size Inner Tray, Drill Set

CAT # PRO7001T
Length 7.76"
Width 9.95"
Height 4.88"
Weight 710 grams

Hall 50™ 1/2-Size Inner Tray, Saw Set

CAT # PRO7002T

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