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CONMED® IM8000™ & LS8000™

True HD 3MOS Camera System & Direct LED Light Source

CONMED® IM8000™/LS8000™ is a surgical imaging system designed with high-definition 3MOS (3-chip CMOS) camera chip technology and enhanced image processing to increase the natural color spectrum and enable optimal visualization.

  • Designed to provide an optimal, artifact-free HD image for multi-specialty procedures
  • LED backlight uses lower power consumption and zero mercury
  • Display options include pan, zoom, freeze, picture-in-picture, and picture-by-picture
  • Supports a wide range of digital and analog inputs/outputs, including dual DVI, dual 3G SDI, and SOG

  • WUH4000 - Wireless AV Transceiver System available for your second monitor

    VP4932 HD Monitor

    Three fully autoclavable HD camera heads enable procedural versatility and streamline sterilization.

    • Eyecup: Our most popular camera head, connecting to industry standard Eyecup scopes
    • Cartridge: A proprietary technology with unique scope interface, designed for a fog-free camera experience during procedures where fluid destination is required
    • Urology: Ergonomically designed with a free rotating coupler, camera head cable 90° to the body, and smaller optical lens for a full-circle monitor image
    im8000 camera system

    Our universal fiber optic light guides offer:

    • Autoclavability
    • Superior light transmission
    • Lightweight design
    • Flexibility with universal fittings
    universal light guide

    A platform for high definition equipment, offering:

    • Five adjustable 14" shelves ensures modularity
    • HD-SDI connector for auxiliary monitor
    • CO2 tank holders for insufflation
    Full view of a fully loaded vp8500 video cart

    Looking for our latest innovation in 4K Visualization? 

    Documents and Specifications

    Capital Unit

    True HD™ 3Mos Camera Controller

    IM8000 IM8000
    Resolutions 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Image Sensor 3 cmOS sensors
    Sensitivity 15lx@F2.8, 3200K I 12db Y level > 210mv
    Dimensions console (D) 14.0 in, 35.5 cm x (W) 3.6 in , 9.2cm x (H) 14.1 in, 35.8 cm
    Weight console 8.6lbs. (3.9kg)

    True Hd™ 3Mos Camera Head - Eyecup

    CAT # IM8120

    True Hd™ 3Mos Camera Head - Cartridge

    CAT # IM8121

    Autoclavable True HD 3MOS “Urology” Camera Head

    CAT # IM8123

    Direct LED Light Source

    LS8000 LS8000

    Autoclavable Light Guide, 5mm X 3m

    CAT # LG1050


    Light Guide Fitting For Wolf & Dyonics Scopes

    CAT # 7451

    Light Guide Fitting For Acmi-Style Scopes

    CAT # 7452

    Light Guide Fitting For Storz, Olympus, & Linvatec Scopes

    CAT # 7453

    Light Guide Fitting For Wolf & Dyonics Light Sources

    CAT # 7455

    Light Guide Fitting For Acmi-Style Light Sources

    CAT # 7456

    Light Guide Fitting For Storz & Linvatec Light Sources

    CAT # 7457

    Light Guide Fitting For Olympus Light Sources

    CAT # 7458

    Wireless AV Transceiver System

    CAT # WUH4000

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