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Infinity™ Accessories

The Infinity™ Spade Tip Guide Pin features a 3.5mm spade tip and tapers to a 2.4mm shaft to eliminate the need for a button channel reamer. This guide pin features gradient patterns to recognize and understand measurements when reading the femur's aperture to cortex length.

The Infinity™ Suture Shuttle provides a solution for passing sutures within the joint during all-inside procedures.

The Infinity™ Tunnel Dilator creates a 3.5mm button channel for the Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button when using a standard 2.4mm guide pin.

Documents and Specifications


Infinity™ Spade Tip Guide Pin

CAT # KGP035

Infinity™ Tunnel Dilator

CAT # KFD035

Infinity™ Suture Shuttle

CAT # KSP100

KPS Infinity™ Insert Tray


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