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Carpal Tunnel Release Kit

The CTS Relief Kit® provides surgeons with a complete set of simple to use, disposable instruments for endoscopic release of the transverse carpal ligament through a single portal. The kit consists of one small dilator, one larger dilator, one slotted guide and one blade. The pen-like knife handle improves the surgeon’s tactile feel and control of the instrument while cutting. The “D”- shaped slotted cannula helps to shield adjacent neurovascular structures from potential damage. Utilizing the CTS Relief Kit® for the endoscopic technique allows the surgeon to resect the ligament under direct visualization through a standard 4mm arthroscope.

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CTS Relief Kit

CAT # 9971
QTY Four kits per box
Kit contents Obturator, 5.5mm and 7.0mm dilators, slotted cannula and knife

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