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Traction Tower

The HandStand™ Traction Tower takes all the features you loved about CONMED’s TractionTower® and adds modern innovations. With improved maneuverability, sterile strapping, a more intuitive assembly, and a lightweight design, the HandStand™ Traction Tower is designed to ensure an easy day in the OR. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, the entire HandStand™ system weighs less than 11lbs for hassle-free sterilization, transportation, assembly, and disassembly.

Designed for optimal flexion and extension, the HandStand™ arm can be rotated 180 degrees in 15-degree increments for full access to the forearm and to accommodate the use of fluoroscopy during arthroscopic use. The arm can also bend up to 70 degrees in either direction to accommodate flexion and extension of the wrist.

The intuitive quick-connect assembly is designed to reduce time and complexity. This system features fewer parts and an intuitive assembly process that makes both setting up the system and adjusting it during the case quick and easy.1 QuickCool™ Technology means the HandStand™ is never too hot to handle. In fact, when compared to our legacy Traction Tower®, the HandStand™ cools almost 10% faster.2,3 In situations where a quick turnover is required, place the system in saline post-autoclave and the metal will become cool to the touch within seconds.

Unique arm straps are designed for patient safety by eliminating the need for strapping and unstrapping outside of the sterile field. The updated Digit Trap® design allows for maximum grasp on a variety of finger sizes during arthroscopy. The customizable sizing feature enables secure fixation while the braided hose configuration is designed to distribute compression over the finger, alleviating concerns of digit strangulation.

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Documents and Specifications

Capital Unit

HandStand™ Traction Tower

Type Reusable


HandStand™ Disposable Kit

Type Disposable

HandStand™ Disposable Digit Traps

Type Disposable

HandStand™ Disposable Forearm Strap

Type Disposable

HandStand™ Disposable Biceps Strap

Type Disposable

HandStand™ Sterilization Tray

Type Reusable

HandStand™ Container

Type Reusable

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