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Subtalar Implant

The PitStop™ PEEK implant is an endorthesis to be used in correction of flat foot. It is adapted to restore the talus and calcaneum alignment, stabilize the sub-talar joint and recreate the foot arch.

The biocompatible and inert polymer is flexible, which allows for placement in the sinus tarsi with better load distribution on bone surfaces versus stiffer materials. The anatomical shape, with two symmetrical and flattened sides, is designed to reduce compressive constraints and improve distribution of stress. This may help decrease incidence of reactive synovitis and improve patient tolerance.

Lock-in flanges are designed to provide primary stability in the sinus tarsi. The cannulated implant has PEEK radiolucence and is invisible on X-Ray, but two tantalum X-Ray markers help confirm placement. A keyed insertion device allows for easy and tight assembly between implant and instrument.

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