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UltraFix® MicroMite®

Suture Anchor

The UltraFix® MicroMite® Suture Anchor System offers superior holding strength and small size in an easy-to-use system. With an optimal predeployed diameter of 1.5mm, the UltraFix® MicroMite® can be used in various small joint procedures.

The ergonomically designed UltraFix® MicroMite® Insertion Gun makes anchor placement quick and easy for both open and arthroscopic procedures. It allows one-handed insertion and hole marking. Your hand does not block the line of sight and no pushing is required. The UltraFix® MicroMite® Anchor is locked on the Insertion Gun until you release it — no “stay” suture is required. Proper placement and alignment can be checked before deployment. Tactile and audible feedback indicate when the anchor is locked in place.

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