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Allopatch HD®

Acellular Human Dermis

Recent peer-reviewed research has shown that augmenting a repair with an allograft scaffold can help improve success rates.1 In fact, repairs using Human Acellular Dermal Matrices have shown success rates of 85.7% in some procedures.1,2

Through a partnership with MTF Biologics, CONMED provides surgeons with a proven, high-quality extracellular matrix (ECM) scaffold that delivers distinct advantages over other available options.

Allopatch HD® is minimally processed, which better preserves and maintains the graft’s natural biomechanical and biochemical properties.

Unlike other ECMs that need to be hydrated for 60 minutes or more before being used, delaying procedure completion and prolonging OR time, Allopatch HD® requires no refrigeration or hydration and is ready to use off the shelf almost immediately.

1 Barber et al. Arthroscopy, 2012.
2 Agrawal V. Int J Shoulder Surg, 2012.

Documents and Specifications

Acellular Dermal Matrix

ALLOPATCH HD® Acellular Human Dermis 5.00 X 5.00cm, Thin (0.40 - 0.70mm): Dehydrated

CAT # 370505
Thickness 0.40 - 0.70mm
Dimensions 5.00 X 5.00cm
Type Thin

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