Considering disposable dilators but stuck on cost concerns? 

We have good news… 

Single-use dilators could reduce costs in your facility.

In 2022, a full cost analysis developed by Jim Collins, BS, RN, CNOR at Cleveland Clinic, outlined cost differential for CleanGuide™ Disposable OTW Esophageal Dilators compared to reusable dilators, based on 2022 data.

The results? Switching to CleanGuide™ saved Cleveland Clinic over $6,500 per year.


“Most of my colleagues are shocked at the cost neutrality of CleanGuide™ Disposable Dilators – but when we laid out the numerous costs involved in reprocessing disposable dilators, there’s no question that CleanGuide™ enhances our standard of patient care without added costs.”

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Jim Collins


In fact, customers who use CleanGuide™ Disposable Dilators spend 10% less annually on average than those reprocessing reusable dilators.* 

*Based on an estimated reprocessing of 1200 dilators annually, and 15 minutes per dilator.

And Cleveland Clinic isn’t the only facility to notice an impact…

“Since moving to CleanGuide™ our reprocessing turnover times have decreased by 45-60 minutes per case.” 

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Maria Paulter


“Physicians didn’t see the backend of reprocessing the Reusable Dilators. CleanGuide™ Dilators have created efficiency and provided a cost savings.” 

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Matthew Wido

Lead Endoscopy Technician and Head of Endoscopy Device Reprocessing

In addition to cost savings, switching to CleanGuide™ Disposable Esophageal Dilators:

Increases workflow efficiency

Reduces risk of infection

Alleviates demand on staff

Improves product traceability

Eliminates capital repair costs