Real-User Feedback: Uterine Manipulators with Dr. Gaby Moawad


In this interview, Dr. Moawad shares why he chooses VCare® in his practice and provides advice to others looking for a reliable uterine manipulator. 

Dr. Gaby Moawad is an Associate Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at George Washington University and the founder of The Center for Endometriosis and Advanced Pelvic Surgery.

He’s received the AAGL Award for Excellence in Endoscopic Procedures from the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) and held roles of AAGL Chair of Research Committee and Chair of Robotic Committee and he currently serves on the Foundation of AAGL board.

He specializes in minimally invasive techniques and is dedicated to helping others in the industry safely approach complex conditions.  

Dr. Moawad has been relying on VCare® in his practice for over 10 years. We met with Dr. Moawad to learn more about his experience and have him share insights. 

Why do you choose to use VCare®

The most important advantage of the VCare® manipulator for me is, is that it enables an additional hand to help expose the tissues and allows you to do complex tasks with ease. The person using the manipulator can help gain more exposure for the surgeon, which is very important in minimally invasive procedures.

In your opinion, what is the most important feature of VCare®?

I think by far, that the S-curve is most valuable for me because it enables movement and a higher range of motion compared to an arced or straight manipulator. With that curve, you can get better retroversion. If you have a low pubic bone, you can still have a full range of motion. For patients who are obese, this helps you a lot. By doing rotation or twisting movements you can expose a lot of area.

What does VCare® offer that other uterine manipulators don’t? 
It's very sturdy, and I believe a lot of manipulators out there do not provide this same strength. Many times, they can bend… But again, I choose VCare® because of the S-curve. I’ve never found anything else like this.

Do you see any improvements in OR efficiency with VCare®

It's really hard to prove efficiency with a uterine manipulator…but I can tell you, using no manipulator, or using a manipulator that has a suboptimal range of motion, the surgeon's going to struggle. So, in the long run it improves efficiency, and that comes also from the extremely short learning curve. 

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with other surgeons who want to try VCare®

The surgeon needs to be in constant communication with the assistant during these procedures. 

Sometimes, pushing on the manipulator is not necessary if you are working on the more distal portion of the uterus. When you're working around the vaginal cuff to separate or lateralize the ureter, pushing is more important. 

Pushing during a myomectomy is not necessary because it's going to bring tissue closer to the surgeon’s camera and it's going to make it more challenging. 

So, I believe constant communication with an assistant who knows how to use the tool is going to enable more efficiency and make the surgeon's life, in a sense, very optimal during the surgery. 

Do you recommend VCare® to other surgeons?

I travel a lot and proctor many physicians. Every time I ask them, “Do you have a VCare® in your OR?” I think you should try it. It’s amazing...” Because I can see with poor uterine manipulators or poor uterine manipulation how hard an easy, fairly simple case will become. Without proper manipulation, procedures become more complex and more challenging for a surgeon.

VCare® Uterine Manipulator helps surgeons deliver clear control of the anatomy using effective uterine manipulation and enabling better visualization for a safe, efficient, and repeatable procedure. LEARN MORE