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VCare® Plus and VCare® DX

Uterine Manipulators

The enhanced VCare® Plus uterine manipulator helps you deliver an even better surgical experience during hysterectomy, salpingectomy, oophorectomy, myomectomy, and other procedures. It provides exposure during uterine manipulation and also aids access to the pelvic cavity while maintaining pneumoperitoneum. VCare® delineates vaginal fornices for easy identification of the colpotomy plane.

Documents and Specifications


VCare® Plus, Small

CAT # 60-6085-200A
Size 32mm Cervical Cup
Qty 8/cs

VCare® Plus, Medium

CAT # 60-6085-201A
Size 34mm Cervical Cup
Qty 8/cs

VCare® Plus, Large

CAT # 60-6085-202A
Size 37mm Cervical Cup
Qty 8/cs

VCare® Plus, X-Large

CAT # 60-6085-203A
Size 40mm Cervical Cup
Qty 8/cs

VCare® DX Plus Manipulator

CAT # 60-6080-000A
Qty 8/cs

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