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MIS Burs

Designed for percutaneous foot surgery, MIS Burs are available in a variety of flutes and lengths for specific foot procedures. As a minimally invasive tool, the small size allows surgeons to access the surgical site using small openings. MIS Burs are designed to deliver cuts no longer than 5mm. For sharpness and performance, MIS Burs are offered for single-use only.

Documents and Specifications

Shannon Recta Corta, Steel Bur

CAT # 1375-050
Diameter 2mm
Length 65mm

Shannon Recta, Steel Bur

CAT # 1375-051
Diameter 2.2mm
Length 65mm

Shannon Recta Larga, Steel Bur

CAT # 1375-052
Diameter 2.2mm
Length 75mm

Shannon Recta 3 Larga, Steel Bur

CAT # 1375-053
Diameter 3.1mm
Length 70mm

Shannon Corta, Steel Bur

CAT # 1375-054
Diameter 2mm
Length 65mm

Shannon Larga, Steel Bur

CAT # 1375-055
Diameter 2.2mm
Length 65mm

Wedge 3, Steel Bur

CAT # 1375-056
Diameter 2.9mm
Length 65mm

Wedge 4, Steel Bur

CAT # 1375-057
Diameter 4.3mm
Length 65mm

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