Orthopedic Knee Instruments 

Simplifying Complex Procedures


Infinity™ Retro-Reamer

Enabling tunnel creation from the outside-in for procedures where precision is critical

Constant Diameter Reamers

Designed for quick and efficient bone removal during arthroscopic knee procedures

Sentinel®, GraftMax™ Flex Sentinel, & Badger® Reamers

Engineered for safety and joint preservation


Infinity™ Anteromedial Guide

Designed for a straight anatomic approach with left or right orientations and multiple sizes

Infinity™ Modular Guide System

An all-in-one system that can accommodate multiple techniques and procedures


Infinity™ Accessories

Featuring a guide pin, suture shuttle, and tunnel dilator to provide ease in knee procedures

XACTPIN® Graft Passing Guide Pin

Engineered for fast, accurate, and minimally invasive reference of AC length

ACL Disposable Kit

Two kit configurations with all the necessary disposable equipment you need for an ACLR

Open Loop Tendon Stripper

For harvesting Semitendinosus and Gracilis tendons with efficiency and ease

SE™ Graft Tensioner

Enables surgeons to tension individual bundles of a hamstring graft for uniform load distribution

SutureLoop™ Hi-Fi® Suture

A convenient option for soft tissue graft preparation

Concept® GraFix® Graft Preparation Table

Fully modular and interchangeable to clean, whip stitch, measure, pre-tension, or add a fixation device

Meniscus Allograft Transplant (MAT) Instruments

Simplify preparation and implantation with an all-in-one graft prep and tibial drilling system

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CrystalView™ Pro Fluid Management System