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Scope Saver®

and CONMED Bite Blocks

Designed for protection and comfort.

Used in upper endoscopy procedures, Scope Saver® Bite Blocks protect both the delicate scopes and patients' teeth from costly damage. The treated strap and vanilla scent provide maximum patient comfort. They are disposable and latex free, and come in adult (60Fr) and Pediatric (42Fr) sizes.

CONMED economy options are available without some features stated above.

Documents and Specifications

CONMED Adult Disposable Bite Block

CAT # 001429
Dimensions 20x27mm, 60FR
Color Blue
Purchasing Unit of Measure 100/box

Scope Saver® Pediatric Disposable Bite Block

CAT # 100429
Dimensions 14mm x 20mm 42FR
Color Purple
Purchasing Unit of Measure 25/box

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