The Picture of Performance:

Imaging Surgeons Want, Durability Facilities Need

Introducing the Looking Glass™ 4K Integrated Visualization System

Whether you’re looking for a ultra-high resolution system with truer colors, features that drive OR efficiency, or reliable performance including a 7-year warranty against camera head steam penetration, Looking Glass™ is the solution for your OR.


Clinical Performance

Great Picture with Innovative Features

4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Image Quality
Ultra-High Definition 4K 3-Chip CMOS camera technology combined with a 32" LED monitor provides a brilliant 10-bit color display with 4x the resolution of HD. This enables detailed visualization of vascular structures, soft tissue & cartilage intersections, ligaments, and fissure tears that could be easily missed with insufficient visibility.

All-In-One eLuma™ Electronic Light Guide

Say goodbye to fragile fiber optic cables that degrade with reprocessing over time. To help optimize your visualization, the eLuma™ Electronic Light Guide is a reliable, lightweight cable delivering natural lighting for a realistic color reproduction by achieving consistent light output throughout its lifetime. The eLuma™ combines a traditional light source and light cable into one integrated design.

Adjustments Made Easy

The new 5-button camera head enables heightened control in the OR from the sterile field, allowing you to navigate through the settings, menu, and programming to make adjustments as required. These buttons can also be easily customized to provide personalization of the functions.

Built CONMED Tough

Durability Designed for the OR

Tired of fragile light cables that are never as bright as the day they were installed and prone to failure? The eLuma™ Electronic Light Guide is the right tool for the job, designed to increase life expectancy and minimize downtime.

Looking Glass™ was designed for the most demanding ORs. In addition to image clarity and picture, this reliable system has been engineered to withstand mishaps in the OR – with features intended to reduce setup time and repair costs to fiber optic cables and camera heads:


ShockFlex™ Prism mounting on camera heads protect against drops up to nearly 4 feet. Gorilla Glass on monitor provides high resistance to accidental scratches from pointed edges on gas columns, OR lights, or entry doors. Gorilla Glass mitigates the need for protective plexiglass screen covers that could potentially affect the colors of the image.