Biliary & Endoscopic Ultrasound

Products Designed with Your Procedures in Mind

Sometimes the small things should matter as much as the big things. CONMED is committed to making your work easier with small optimizations and big innovations.


TruPass® SW Papillotome

Short-wire sphincterotomes guaranteed to orient between 11 and 1 o'clock1

Apollo 3AC® Triple Lumen Papillotome

Long-wire sphincterotomes that simplify cannulation of pancreaticobiliary system


Eliminator® PET Biliary Balloon Dilators

Multi and single-stage inflation for dilation of esophageal, pyloric, colonic, and biliary strictures

Controlled needle deployment and injection

Click-Tip™ Injection Needles offer an ergonomic, nurse-designed handle that's easy to use

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1 Subject to Terms & Conditions, MCM2017139.