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Singular™, Orbit-Snare®, and Optimizer®

Polypectomy Snares

Singular™ Short Throw Polypectomy Snare
The short throw handle of the Singular™ polypectomy snare facilitates one-handed operation and user comfort. The true 2-to-1 pulley system delivers unique short throw performance and enhanced tactile feel. For maximum clinical versatility, Singular™ snares are available in a full range of loop shapes and sizes.

Optimizer® Polypectomy Snare
Designed to deliver measurable performance, the Optimizer® polypectomy snare features gradations on the handle to help indicate resection size and progress. The oval loop is offered in four sizes, as well as firm and soft stiffness options.

Orbit-Snare® Rotatable Polypectomy Snare
Delivering rotation when you need it, the Orbit-Snare® is CONMED's rotatable loop snare. The rotatable loop facilitates positioning of the snare loop and enables effective capturing capability. It has an ergonomic handle design for rotation, simplifying nurse assisted rotation of the snare loop. The firm wire loop also assists in ensnaring of flat polyps.

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