Forefoot Fixation Devices


CoLink® PCR Carbon Fiber Plating System

Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK is the new revolution

colink pcr attached to the bone

CoLink®2 Compression Plating System

Tapered Compression Slot Technology creates mechanical compression across the fusion site

colink 2 plates

CoLink® Mini Dynamic Compression Plating System

Comprehensive plating system designed to address a variety of fractures and fusions

colink mini plates in the bone

CoLink® NX MTP Compression Plating System

Featuring an elliptical slot with progressive depth that aids mechanical compression

colink nx mtp plate in the bone

CoLink® Vallux Active Bunion Plating System

A joint-sparing MIS solution for tri-planar Hallux Valgus correction

animated colink vallux plate being screwed into bone

CoLink® View MTP and Lapidus Dynamic Compression Plating System

Featuring a PEEK hub and dynamic transverse compression

colink view compression plate

CoLink® XP Plating System

Achieve dynamic transverse compression via transverse lag screw

colink xp plate


5MS® Bunionette Plates

Offering rotational control for midshaft osteotomies that may displace with standalone lag screw fixation

animation of bunionette plate screwed in place on bone

5MS® Lateral Neck Plates

Scalloped to fit the midshaft metatarsal and distal metatarsal tuberosity

5ms lateral neck plate

5MS® Plantar Plates

Applies compression to the tension side of the 5th metatarsal fracture

5ms plantar plate

5MS® Pseudo Jones Hook Plate

Intraosseous plate hooks provide a means of reducing the avulsed fragment

5ms pseudo jones hook plate in the bone

5MS® Jones Fracture Screws 

The screw design unites the rotational stability of a headless screw with the compression levels of a conventional-headed lag screw

5ms jones fracture screw


CoLag® Compression Screws 

Featuring a unique proximal thread and head design

three variations of colag compression screws

I.B.S.™ Snap-Off and Compression Screws

Designed to provide compression in cortical bones


NeoSpan® SE Compression Staples

A superelastic compression-ready fixation system designed for fixation of fractures, fusions, or osteotomies

neospan staples and animated bone

OS2-VP™ Compression Staples

Designed for Akin osteotomies and other similar procedures

OS2 compression staple in the bone

NeoSys® Single-Use Instrumentation

Providing precision, efficiency, and convenience during surgery

neosys instrument and animated bone