Anesthesiology Solutions

Struggling to manage laparoscopic patients? AirSeal® may be able to help.

By operating with AirSeal® at lower pressure, you may:

Reduce etCO27,9-13

Reduce airway pressure4,7,9,11-13

Reduce blood pressure2,7,13

Improve minute volume4,11

Increase pulmonary compliance11

I have noticed a significant decrease in peak inspiratory airway pressure and mean airway pressure while using the AirSeal® system. These benefits are extremely important when taking care of obese patients who have increased airway resistance and decreased pulmonary compliance from baseline.

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Gabriel Eduardo Mena, MD

We see improved physiology during anesthesia with low pressure, allowing for safer operations to be done on more sick patients who have heart and lung disease. Our anesthesia colleagues are in agreement that low pressure surgery has benefits in their ability to provide the best and safest anesthesia.

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Sudeep Burman, MD

Pulse Ox Sensors

Explore a wide variety of pulse oximeter equipment that helps monitor the risk of hypoxaemia.

a disposable pulse oximetry sensor laying flat

ECG Electrodes

Detect disturbances of cardiac rhythm during procedures with our storied electrode family.

two rectangle totaltrace electrodes a teardrop shaped suretrace electrode and positrace electrode

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