Hall® Surgical Power Tools

Power through your day

Hall® Powered Instruments have been trusted in operating rooms for over 55 years to deliver unmatched value and performance in orthopedic power tools. If you're tired of one-sided vendor relationships, we're here for you.


Hall® Titan® Powered Instruments System

Raising the bar for performance and efficiency, this reliable large bone system delivers total value

hall titan powered instrument system handheld device angled left showing insertion spot for blade

Hall® Lithium Battery

Lighter, longer-lasting, and faster-charging than standard batteries,1 with UL-approval for autoclavability

1 CONMED autoclavable NiCad PRO3011 battery

two differently sized hall lithium batterie

Large Bone Oscillating Blades

Four families of blades for controlled and precise cutting

two large bone oscillating blades

Hall® Large Bone Attachments

Incorporating quick release for easy transitions between drilling, reaming, sawing, and wire/pin driving

blade of hall large bone attachments

Sterilization Trays for Power

A multi-tray system with a series of rigid containers and interchangeable inner trays for customizability

hall sterilization tray with hall power products inside the tray


MicroFree® Cordless Small Bone Power System

Cordless, battery-powered, pencil-grip instruments ergonomically optimized for precision

microfree handheld power system

Micropower+™ Small Bone Power System

Delivering the highest degree of control, comfort, and cutting versatility

micropower plus blade and tip

MIS Burs

Designed to deliver <5mm cuts for percutaneous procedures

two mis burs tips

Clinical Performance with Lower Lifetime Operational Costs?*

You can have it all with Hall®

 *Compared to Stryker Systems that require two different handpieces for large and small bone and non-autoclavable batteries that require separate, more costly sterilization