Suction, Irrigation, and Tubing

Eliminate Debris, Enhance Visibility 


Universal Plus® Cannulas, Handpieces, and Electrodes

Offering two handle configurations to meet surgeon preference with this unique all-in-one system

two universal plus handpieces

CORE™ Cannulas, Handpieces, & Reusable Electrodes

Convenient reposable suction cannula with reusable laparoscopic electrodes and ergonomic handpieces

core handpiece

Pressure Infusers & Irrigation Pumps

A full line of single 1-liter and 3-liter systems to meet all your laparoscopic needs

green pressure infuser irrigation pump


OrthoVac™ Single-Use Large Bore Suction Kit

Large bore suction kit designed to reduce clogging in orthopedic knee and hip arthroplasties

orthovac suction kit including all pieces of the kit

Yankauer Rigid Suction Instruments

Recognizable and reliable suction, featuring large lumens for rapid aspiration and clog resistance

yankauer suction instrument

Frazier Suction Instruments

For use in open procedures where fine, delicate suction is needed

various frazier suction instrument tips

Poole Suction Instruments

Single-use, specialized for deep abdominal surgeries and cesarian sections

poole suction instrument

Sigmoid Suction Instruments

Designed for sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies, and femur suctioning during hip replacements

tip of the sigmoid suction instrument

PuddleVac® Floor Suction Device

A simple solution to eliminate pools of fluid distension media from the OR floor

orange and blue puddlevac


Suction Connecting Tubing

A range of styles, sizes, and configurations of non-conductive, sterile and bulk, non-sterile formats

green, light blue and dark blue suction connecting tubing heads

Superior Control, Effective Manipulation

See how VCare® can benefit your practice. 

VCare® Plus and VCare® DX Uterine Manipulators

Looking to make the leap to low-pressure laparoscopy?

Transform your technique today with AirSeal®