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Skin Staplers and Clip Appliers

CONMED's disposable skin staplers are used to close external skin under high tension and are designed to hold skin in place until sufficient wound healing permits staple removal. CONMED offers four lines of disposable, user-friendly Reflex® Skin Staplers that deliver a superior external skin closure performance. Reflex® Staplers are available in regular or wide staple sizes, supporting a variety of external skin closures.

Reflex® One Skin Stapler
A fully retracting anvil permits staple release while moving forward or backward, allowing for flexibility of movement. Competitive models require you to “back off” the placed staple before moving on to the next placement. The staple is released when the handle is fully depressed. Complete staple formation is confirmed by audible and tactile feedback.

Reflex® TL Tissue Lift Skin Stapler
Receive additional control with audible and tactile staple release feedback. The Reflex® TL incorporates a semi-retracting anvil that only releases a staple when the handle is fully released. This gives the TL its “Tissue Lift,” which assists in approximating the incision for easier placement of the next staple.

Reflex® Rotating Head Skin Stapler
The user friendly stapler with ergonomic grip provides excellent visibility due to its clear cartridge with centerline pointer and 90° visual access. Complete staple formation is confirmed by audible and tactile feedback. A patented ridged staple design provides excellent staple efficacy.

Reflex® 530 Clip Applier
This automatic, direct drive clip feeding system has an audible feedback mechanism to indicate complete clip closure. Its design provides maximum control, feel, visibility, and ease-of-use. The Tissue Lock™ Clip is designed with opposing male/female interlocking features to help provide superior on-vessel clip retention and improved hemostasis.

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