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Traction Tower®

Extremity Traction Device

The Traction Tower® provides a complete, sterile method for securing and distracting the hand, wrist, or forearm for arthroscopic procedures and fracture reductions. A tension scale ensures precise traction maintenance and monitoring. An adjustable ball joint enables wrist flexion and extension, as well as radial or ulnar deviation. Set-up configurations allow for both dorsal and volar approaches, and an x-ray cassette bracket makes it easy to obtain intraoperative x-rays. The stand-alone design of the TractionTower®allows stability without fixation to an operating table. Between cases, the system is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Documents and Specifications

Capital Unit

Traction Tower Extremity Traction Device

CAT # 9905A
Wrist Strap 19.00in
Forearm Strap 20.00in
Upper Arm Strap 6.00ft

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