Suspensory Fixation

More Proactive, Less Reactive

We place control back in your hands by addressing the most common pain points in suspension techniques. Now you’re prepared to face anything


Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button

The world’s first1 adjustable, reversible loop button for femoral fixation

1 Based on 2021 market analysis.

infinity femoral adjustable loop button attached to sutures

Infinity™ Tibial Button and Adjustable Free Loop

An option for all-inside techniques with dual-friction locking for secure fixation

infinity tibial button with sutures next to the adjustable free loop

Hercules® Knotless Syndesmosis Implant System

An alternative to rigid screw fixation

hercules knotless syndesmosis system implanted in the bone animation

MicroLink™ All-Suture Button

The world’s first1 soft, radiopaque, all-suture button for CMC Arthroplasty

white radiolucent microlink suture button

XIROS SECURE-LOOP™ Fixation Device

CONMED has partnered with the UK-based medical device company Xiros, to distribute their latest fixed loop ACL button, SECURE-LOOP™

GraftMax™ Button Adjustable Cortical Fixation Device

Allowing maximum graft in the tunnel with a <5mm minimum

graftmax button showing adjustable loop with sutures

XO Button® Cortical Fixation Device

Continuous loop fixation textile woven onto a titanium button

xo button and continuous loop

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