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Single-Use Instrumentation

NeoSys® instruments provide precision, efficiency, and convenience during surgery. They are manufactured from recyclable polymer with grade 1 stainless steel connection tips, and are specially designed to resist torsional stress.

Each blister pack contains all the necessary instruments to implant I.B.S.™ 2.2 and 2.7mm snap-off screws, 2.0-3.5mm compression screws, or 2.5-3.5mm neutralization screws. This includes an implant measurer, depth gauge attachment, guides, driver shafts and handles, K-wires, and a countersink. 

Drivers are cannulated with an open window to allow K-wire removal. Corresponding screw diameters are imprinted on each driver shaft. The driver can be used with the handle or with a power drill with AO attachment.

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