Electrosurgical Pencils, Pads, & Electrodes

A robust lineup of tools


GoldLine® Disposable Electrosurgical Pencils

Preloaded UltraClean® coated blades with fully sealed activation buttons and slip-proof handling

goldline pencil

ValueBlue™ Disposable Electrosurgical Pencils

Economic solution featuring two different coatings in push-button or rock-switch configurations

two valueblue electrosurgical pencils pointing left and down

Tungsten MicroNeedles

Molded rings for improved grip, compatible with most electrosurgical pencils

three tungsten microneedles with different tips

Reusable Electrosurgical Pencils and Electrodes

Fully sealed switch boards ensure reusable options for every surgical application

three blue and yellow resuable electrosurgical pencils parallel to each other pointing down

UltraClean® Coated Electrodes

Bendable up to 90 degrees with a hex hub to eliminate unintended rotation during use

four ultraclean coated electrodes


MacroLyte® Dispersive Electrodes

Pediatric specific, containing adhesive hydrogel, scalloped edges, and thin foam for conformability

one macrolyte dispersive electrode

SureFit™ Dispersive Electrodes

Adhesive border prevents fluid intrusion while pull-tab ensures easy removal

surefit dispersive electrode

ThermoGard® Dispersive Electrodes

Designed with extra gentle, thick gel for optimal patient safety and comfort

six blue thermogard dispersive elecrodes laying next to each other