Biopsy & Polypectomy

Collect and Protect

An extensive line of therapeutic devices, designed to deliver improved outcomes to physicians, nursing staff, and the patients they treat.


Precisor® and Precisor® EXL™ Disposable Hot and Cold Biopsy Forceps

Precise and ergonomic for fast, easy polyp removal

two precisor biopsy forceps

OptiBite™ Disposable Biopsy Forceps

Low-friction reinforced sheath for optimal pushability

single optibite forcep


NAKAO Spider-Net® Retrieval Device

Designed to provide optimal visualization and specimen preservation during retrieval

nakao spider net holding a marble

Optimizer® Multi-Chamber Polyp Trap

Four independent specimen chambers offer versatility and efficient collection

optimizer polyp trap product


Singular™, Orbit-Snare®, Optimizer®, and CONMED Snares

Four families of snares designed for clinical versatility and user comfort

singular snare orbit snare and optimizer snare layed next to each other


WANG™ Cytology and Histology Needles

The pioneer of transbronchial needle aspiration

wang needle tips


Cytology and Microbiology Brushes

A full line for your sampling needs

two cytology brushes crossing over a holder

The Control You Need to Stop the Bleed

When an unexpected bleed occurs, the response must be immediate and reliable. Our Hemostasis portfolio puts you in control with effective thermal and mechanical solutions.

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