Adult ECG Electrodes

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, gels, materials, and applications, CONMED’s broad portfolio of adult ECG electrodes meets the monitoring needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.

Totaltrace™, Suretrace®, and Positrace® Adult Foam Conductive Adhesive Gel Electrodes

Designed with low-profile closed cell foam for maximum patient comfort and impervious protection

two rectangle totaltrace electrodes a teardrop shaped suretrace electrode and positrace electrode

Cleartrace™ and Cleartrace™ 2 Adult Tape Conductive Adhesive Gel Electrodes

General purpose and long-term, low-profile electrodes offer reliable adhesion without irritation

a round cleartrace electrode and a square cleartrace 2 electrode next to each other

Instatrace® and Exactrace™ Adult Foam Wet Gel Electrodes

Tear-drop shaped, with wet gel technology for general purpose and diaphoretic applications

teardrop shaped instatrace and exactrace electrodes next to each other

Invisatrace® Adult Tape Wet Gel Electrodes

Featuring a proprietary wet gel, quick signal retention, strong quality, and stable baseline waveforms

two white and round ultratrace and invisatrace electrodes next to each other