Arthroplasty in Small Joint

Solutions from In2Bones that provide big results in small joints

Quantum® Total Ankle System

Addressing the complexity of TAR to allow reproducible outcomes for every surgeon

quantum total ankle system placed in ankle bone

RTS® 1st MTP

Medical-grade silicone elastomer with titanium grommets, and a straight-cut technique

animation of rts first in the foot

RTS® Lesser MTP

Reamer and three implant trials supplied together in a sterile, disposable kit

rts lesser mtp implant placed in bone

Avenger Radial Head®

Modular design includes 12 head and 10 stem sizes to address fracture and anatomy specifics

avenger radial head system placed in bone joint

Maximize your precision and minimize restriction with the Hall® MicroFree® Cordless Small Bone Power System. 

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