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Viable Cartilage Allograft

Reshaping the Future of Cartilage Repair

Viable Chondrocytes

  • Provides functioning, viable chondrocytes and chondrogenic growth factors1
  • Studies demonstrate that chondrocytes migrate and proliferate from the cartilage fibers and secrete components found in hyaline cartilage2,3,4 

Optimal Handling Properties

  • Putty-like construct easily conforms to a variety of defect shapes and sizes
  • No shaping, trimming, suturing, or gluing required

two fingers wearing blue latex gloves holding cartimax viable cartilage allograft showing its features

Off-the-Shelf Solution

  • Offering a ready-to-go solution that demonstrates stable viability up to 2 years post-cryopreservation1
  • One package contains enough cartilage matrix to fill a 5cm2 lesion

cartimax allograft cartilage in it's off the shelf container

What CartiMax® Users are Saying

“When you’re talking about other options for cartilage restoration, they often include having to order something and bring it in, or do a second-stage procedure to finalize the treatment. But with CartiMax® it’s a win-win for everybody in a sense that it’s off the shelf and it’s a single stage operation…I think that makes the patients happy because there’s a lot of predictability with the process.”

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Dr. W. Stephen Choate

“I’ve been very impressed with how quickly people return to function after CartiMax®. I’ve seen high level athletes get back to full sports such as football at six months. I’ve seen weekend warrior athletes playing tennis at a high level six to nine months after using CartiMax®, and I’ve been very impressed with the overall patient outcomes.”

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Dr. Deryk Jones

Back to Living, Faster 

CartiMax® is a readily available solution, so your patients can skip the “waiting list” and avoid two-stage procedures that prolong their recovery.

Give your patients the best chance for recovery with CartiMax®

1 Data on File, MTF Biologics.
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3 Lu Y, Dhanaraj S, Wang Z, et al. Minced cartilage without cell culture serves as an effective intraoperative cell source for cartilage repair. Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. 2006;24:1261–70. [PubMed].
4 Frisbie DD, Lu Y, Kawcak CE, DiCarlo EF, Binette F, McIlwraith CW. In vivo evaluation of autologous cartilage fragment-loaded scaffolds implanted into equine articular defects and compared with autologous chondrocyte implantation. The American journal of sports medicine. 2009;37(Suppl 1):71S–80S.


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