CE Opportunities 

We Know Continuing Education is a Critical Part of Your Responsibilities

Through our CE courses, you can stay current on the clinical training required for your role and professional development. We have offerings in GI, Insufflation, Smoke Management, and more.

Biliary Tract Stenting

CEU - 1 Contact Hour
This course explores the anatomy and pathophysiology of the biliary system and related organs, and the indications associated with stent placement. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive understanding of differentiating between biliary stents and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of metal and plastic stents.

Electrosurgery Basics and Safety in Gastroenterology

CEU - 1 Contact Hour
Electrosurgery is an essential tool for performing Endoscopy. This course will give you an overview of electrosurgical currents and how they can be used to deliver the intended tissue effects

Hemostasis: Techniques and Technologies in GI Endoscopy

CEU - 2 Contact Hours
Causes and treatments of GI bleeding take many forms. This course spotlights different types of upper and lower GI bleeds, and reviews the latest techniques and devices to achieve hemostasis.

Infection Prevention

CEU - 2 Contact Hours
Reprocessing flexible endoscopes to infection control standards is critical to patient safety. This course reviews the latest multisociety guidelines, and steps you can take to reduce the risk of infection transmission at your facility.


CEU - 2 Contact Hours
This course is designed to provide an introduction of insufflation to nurses and technicians. The program will review the history and evolution of insufflation. It will also highlight the physiologic effects of insufflation and clinical data that identifies the impact insufflation pressure can have on outcomes.

Surgical Smoke Management

CEU - 2 Contact Hours
Once thought to be harmless, evidence has proven surgical smoke to be a significant occupational health hazard for operating room personnel, presenting physical, chemical, and biological hazards for health care providers and patients. This course will review the risks associated with exposure, evidence-based practices for a smoke management initiative, and resources and equipment to support change management for protecting the surgical team and patients from surgical smoke.