Advanced Modes

Exclusively for the Beamer AVEO™ System

We created new modes – designed for what you do

EndoMode R

For Endoscopic Resection (EMR, Polypectomy)

EndoMode D

For Endoscopic Dissection (ESD, POEM, Sphincterotomy)

Coag Dissect

For 3rd Space Submucosal Dissection with high hemostasis


 New Advanced Mode chart
Surgeon in white jacket

Designed By You, For You

AVEO™ isn’t a jack of all trades. It’s a Master of ONE! Designed by and for Endoscopy.

SmartTouch Software screen

SmarTouch™ Software

AVEO™ was designed to be simple and intuitive. Touchscreen makes storing changes quick and easy.

New Advanced Mode screen

New Advanced Modes

3 new modes designed for therapeutic cutting and dissection in GI.

Argon Animation image


New filter integrated Argon probes for plug and play access to non-contact hemostasis.

*Not available in all markets.