ISHA Blitz Webinar - A Paradigm Shift in Hip Arthroscopy

Meeting Dates

9 May, 2020





ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society is delighted to announce the May Blitz on Hip Preservation.
These are a series of online Masterclasses with leading experts in collaboration with our Diamond level corporate partners.

Masterclass Schedule
Saturday 9th May 2020 

“A Paradigm Shift in Hip Arthroscopy”
New York 10.00 hrs EDT   Paris 16.00 CEST
Session duration: 90 mins
Sponsored by: CONMED

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Time  Topic Presenter
10:00AM EDT            Introduction & Welcome From The Chairman              
Mr. Tony Andrade
Dr. Femi Ayeni
10:10AM EDT Accessing the Hip Joint and Capsular Management  Dr. Derek Ochiai
Dr. Thomas Wuerz
Dr Nicolas Bonin
10:40AM EDT  Extra Articular Impingement: A Focus on Subspine Pathology  Dr. Carlomagno Cardenas 
10:50AM EDT  Lateral and Posterior Hip Pain: A Review of Causes and Surgical Solutions       Dr. Jovan Laskovski 
11:00AM EDT  Questions for the Panel 

Moderated by;
Mr. Tony Andrade
Dr. Femi Ayeni 

11:30AM EDT Conclude