Advantage Financial Programs

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To help our customers achieve their goals, we worked closely with them to truly understand their needs and create real solutions. We developed three programs that are designed to offer pricing and procurement advantages that help overcome the budgetary and cash-flow roadblocks to equipping facilities with the new technology they need:

Advantage Placement

Advantage Rewards

Advantage Finance

How can you improve care without increasing costs?

This is one of the biggest challenges facing hospitals and other providers in today’s healthcare environment. With overhauling legislative changes, declining reimbursements and rising costs, budgets are being stretched like never before. At the same time, hospitals and surgery centers need to acquire and market new medical technology that attracts top doctors, improves operating efficiencies, lowers total costs, attracts patients and provides a level of care that leads to high overall patient satisfaction scores.

 Working closely with our customers, we frequently hear many of the same requests:

  • “We want to upgrade our old equipment without impacting our capital budget.”
  • “We have tightly managed cash flow, is there a way to achieve savings on the products we have to purchase?”
  • “I need to replace equipment but the resources have already been allocated, what can you do?”

Across the board, healthcare providers are looking for an answer to the same question:

“How can we constantly have the latest, cutting-edge healthcare technology we need to provide the highest level of care and patient satisfaction with increasingly limited resources to do so?” The answer is CONMED Advantage. To learn more about these exciting programs, contact your local CONMED representative.


Programs available in the US only.
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