Say Goodbye to Reprocessing Hassles


In the realm of medical device reprocessing, ensuring compliance and efficacy is paramount to patient safety and procedural success. However, the current landscape presents challenges, particularly in the reprocessing of esophageal dilators. Did you know that the cleaning protocols for the leading reusable esophageal dilators are validated for only one specific cleaner? This limitation not only increases the risk of non-compliance but also adds unnecessary complexities to the reprocessing workflow.

At CONMED, we understand the importance of streamlining the endoscopy unit workflow while prioritizing patient safety. That's why we're proud to introduce CleanGuide® Disposable Esophageal Dilators—a revolutionary solution designed to eliminate the hassles associated with reprocessing dilators.

With traditional reusable dilators, healthcare providers are tasked with adhering to complex reprocessing protocols, often leading to challenges such as incomplete cleaning, improper sterilization, and non-compliance with reprocessing instructions for use (IFUs) and  guidelines. These challenges not only increase the risk of cross-contamination and infection but also compromise patient safety.

CleanGuide® eliminates these concerns by offering a disposable dilator solution that does not require reprocessing. With CleanGuide®, healthcare providers can bypass the complexities of reprocessing altogether, ensuring that each dilator is used only once and then safely disposed of after use. This not only streamlines the dilation process but also eliminates the risk of improper reprocessing and non-compliance with reprocessing guidelines.

By transitioning to CleanGuide® Disposable Dilators, healthcare providers can rest assured knowing that each dilator is sterile, safe*, and ready for use straight out of the packaging. With CleanGuide®, patient safety is prioritized at every step, ensuring optimal outcomes for all gastrointestinal procedures.

* per nurse testimony