Increase Efficiency without Compromising Sustainability


Here are three ways to improve workflow while staying green. 

Over the last fifty years, environmental awareness has grown drastically within our society.  Consumers and businesses are consistently shifting towards eco-friendly solutions and sustainability.

The healthcare industry has recently followed suit, seeking to lessen its environmental footprint in ways that don’t impact patient outcomes, safety, or care. This approach offers many benefits for the facility and the globe. But does it hinder efficiency?

Let’s look at three ways you can stay green and increase efficiency.

Implement a Lean Workflow. By streamlining processes, eliminating unnecessary steps, and improving resource utilization, you can help your teams reduce wasted material and effort. As staffing continues to be a struggle for many healthcare facilities, solutions that ease the burden on manual tasks for your sterile processing department can make a big impact. Look for devices that streamline cleaning and reprocessing efforts

Procure Modular Equipment. There are systems designed to accomplish more with less, and they should be given consideration for their comprehensive improvements. These technologies may help you to lower initial spend, service and maintenance costs and efforts, and increase efficiencies during use. By lowering the number of technologies your facilities utilize, will also minimize unnecessary training and In-servicing. All these factors contribute to more efficiency and less waste. 

Pursue Waste Management Solutions. Single-use products can make a huge impact on workflow and infection prevention. But those benefits sometimes come with an eco-friendly hit. Determining a healthy balance of efficiency to sustainability is helpful here. And implementing solutions that come with a pre-planned disposal system will eliminate an extra item from your to-do list. 

CONMED’s CleanGuide™ Disposable Dilators and Guidewires are one way to reap the benefits of single-use devices, while upholding your environmental commitments. Partnering with Sharps Compliance, we offer a simple recycling service to repurpose CleanGuide® Disposable Dilators and Guidewires to convert into energy.

This Recycling Program is just one way CONMED is committed to an eco-friendly healthcare future. Learn more about our ESG standards here