Reducing Post-Procedure Bleeding in Endoscopic Mucosal Resections (EMR)


Post-procedural bleeding occurs in 5-10% of endoscopic mucosal resections (EMR) of large colorectal polyps.1 Published in 2019, a multi-center randomized trial found that clip closure of the EMR mucosal defect significantly reduced post-procedure bleeding. The location of the polyp also impacted the risk of bleeding, as noted in the graph shown below.1 

RCT: 919 patients with ≥20 mm
non-pedunculated colorectal polyps


When choosing a hemostatic clip, physicians are seeking durability and maneuverability. In recent testing, CONMED’s DuraClip® showed a 46% higher compression force than Boston Revolution 360.2

Greater compression force offers several benefits and enables physicians to close defects with confidence. Sometimes there is a perception that to achieve higher closure force, a larger clip or a clip with a larger stem is needed. But this isn’t always the case. DuraClip®’s higher closure force is credited to its scissor style open/close mechanism and rigid jaws. Dr. Moamen Gabr, Director of Endoluminal Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Med Center, has experienced this firsthand.

“I use DuraClip® for many reasons. Its ease of rotation is important, especially when performing closures. Also, at the end of a POEM or after an EMR, you’re using multiple clips to perform mucosa-to-mucosa closure. That can be cumbersome if you have a long stem clip blocking your field of vision. It’s very helpful when you have a short arm that does not block your view.”

DuraClip® is one of the smallest clips on the market, offering up to a 60% shorter post-deployed stem than Boston Resolution 360.2

Dr. Andy Tau, Austin Gastroenterology, uses DuraClip® in his practice because of its maneuverability.

“DuraClip® is able to pass through a scope in full retroflexion. No other clip can do so”, he shared.

If you’re treating resections that lead to large defects, don’t leave your closure to chance. Choose DuraClip® for the durability and precision your patients deserve. LEARN MORE


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2 Data on file comparing DuraClip® 11mm to Boston Revolution 360: PDD2324060.