What Makes an Innovative Company?



What do these companies have in common? They all share the same qualities that define them as an innovative company. Their employees love innovation, and their customers love innovation. Innovative companies are forward looking, embrace and encourage change, and put user experience before anything else.

To be innovative. It’s something every company works for and aspires to achieve. And it’s a term that every medical professional should want to be associated with.

It starts with a culture that emphasizes innovation. Innovative companies are always looking for new ideas or ways to offer their services and products. They value data. Everything may not be a success, but every failed idea allows for these companies to adapt and figure out a better way to serve the market. For one of these ideas to be a success, drive and ambition are key. A company must have the drive to succeed and the ambition to see it through to the end. This is what will separate an innovative company from a traditional company. 

Being customer centric and prioritizing user experience above all else allows an innovative company to provide reliable solutions designed to eliminate the customers’ pain points. Finding out what customers want, or rather what customers need, leads to true innovation, collaboration, and partnership. Having a strong salesforce that will listen to their customers and make sure they’re satisfied is key.

In the medical device industry, innovation often means providing patients with better outcomes. 

Aspiration and evolution are two characteristics that create innovation-led growth in companies. Setting bold aspirations and being willing to evolve with the changes in trends, data, and techniques will set any company up for success.

For CONMED, innovation is innate. Our founder Eugene Corasanti built a disposable ECG electrode at his kitchen table in the early 1970s. Since then, CONMED has innovated through numerous collaborations with medical professionals, leading to some industry firsts in patient care, orthopedics, and general surgery.

We’re committed to developing the most advanced proprietary products, as well as bringing the most innovative surgical devices into the CONMED portfolio. Each and every day, our goal is to listen to you and provide you with a comprehensive suite of clinically superior products to help you improve patient outcomes.

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