The Impact of Immersive VR in Medical Education


At ISAKOS 2023, Jeff Abrams, MD presented on the impact of immersive VR, and how it can expand mentorship and the ability to teach globally. By eliminating geographic barriers of traditional education, can we enhance surgical training programs around the world?

The VRthroscopy™ Platform, designed with PrecisionOS, is paving this path. The leader for virtual reality based arthroscopic training* is facilitating peer-to-peer education in an exciting new way. The adaptation of VR technology in healthcare assists medical institutes with further developing training and education.

"We all know Orthopedics is very dynamic. It's always changing, new technology is coming out. Oftentimes, it takes a while to get used to a new operation or set of equipment. If you have the advantage of [VR] for the surgeon to practice, for the rep to practice, you're much better prepared when you get to the OR," says Peter MacDonald, MD, Professor and Head, Section of Orthopaedics, University of Manitoba.

VR is taking medical education to a new level, offering residents and surgical trainees the ability to work in a low-risk environment.

Danny P. Goel, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Chief Executive Officer PrecisionOS, states, “The operating room is not a very good environment to learn in. Virtual reality provides an element of stress that’s not disabling to learning. It also allows you to engage in productive failure – so you are allowed to make mistakes, and then you learn from them.

As the VRthroscopy™ curriculum continues to grow, so does the opportunity to adjunct traditional training methods with this new, immersive experience. As of July 2023, available modules include:

Shoulder VRthroscopy™

  • Double Row Rotator Cuff Repair with CuffLink™ System
  • Functional Anatomy and Diagnostic Scope (Coming Soon)

Infinity™ Knee VRthroscopy™

  • Soft Tissue AM Portal ACLR featuring the Infinity™ Knee System
  • Infinity™ All-Inside ACL Reconstruction
  • Functional Anatomy and Diagnostic Scope (Coming Soon)

Hip VRthroscopy™

CAM Resection featuring the Paradigm® Hip System

Arthroscopy Scope Skills Simulator

Interested to see how VRthroscopy™ can enhance your clinical education? CLICK HERE

VRthroscopy™ is a great addition to resident training, journal clubs, and more. Connect with your local CONMED Representative to discuss incorporating VRthroscopy™ into your next education event.