How CONMED Empowers Healthcare Providers


CONMED’s Medical Education focus aligns with our mission to empower healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient outcomes worldwide.

“As a Medical Education team, we are driven by our ethical responsibility to ensure that the products we bring to the market are used safely and effectively by our customers to enhance patient outcomes.”  
- Chad Haigh, Senior Supervisor Clinical Education

Medical Education is a spectrum, and impactful learning can happen in a variety of ways. Through a simple in-office product demo, hands-on cadaveric lab experience, or a dynamic multi-day faculty-led course. Regardless of method, the objective is to partner with our attendees to ensure confidence when using our products in a safe, effective, and efficient way.

CONMED Learning Centers

CONMED has created Learning Centers with integrated didactic spaces and BioSkills labs that allow surgeons to gain hands-on, educational experiences with our products. In an effort to provide modern, accessible learning opportunities, CONMED has also incorporated VRthroscopy™, the world’s first virtual reality based arthroscopy simulator.* These facilities are located at our headquarters in Largo, FL as well as New York City.

a small group of conmed professionals walking down the hall at the Largo Medical Edcuation Center

Our Learning Centers are designed to be adaptable, giving us the ability to focus on our event attendee’s unique learning objectives. They can be tailored to suit an intimate 1:1 learning experience or extended to accommodate a 21-station symposium. In-office product demos allow a closer, hands-on look with a product at a convenient time for busy physicians.

We also offer large, structured peer-to-peer courses that cover a wide range of topics and procedures. This hands-on experience facilitates peer-to-peer education that you can’t find other places.


We understand and respect that our customers may not be able to take time away from their practice to visit our learning centers. That is why we created our Local Lab Program, designed to bring the BioSkills lab experience to the surgeon.

We have a fleet of mobile lab systems, aka Lab-in-a-Box, that contain all necessary equipment and supplies to conduct a cadaveric BioSkills training event remotely.

These systems contain all the imaging, powered instruments, procedure specific products, and lab supplies needed to conduct a lab within an approved venue (e.g Surgery Center, Hospital, BioSkills facility, University lab). We partner with a respected tissue provider for these events and professionally manage the security and respectful use of the donor tissue from reception through disposition.

Our Clinical and Logistic teams have years of experience executing these events, ensuring the customer experience is seamless and efficient.

Medical Education at CONMED is a partnership with our customers. We have shared goals and learn from each other. We are consistently listening and evolving our Medical Education platforms to suit the needs of our end users. This is what helps us achieve our mission and effectively train on our innovative solutions.

*Based on market analysis in 2021