Balancing Quality and Cost for Patient Care Supplies


Between 2019 and 2022, expenses per patient for hospital supplies and equipment increased by 18.5%. This number outpaces the rate of inflation by almost 30%.1

Because of this, securing reliable, quality patient care products is becoming a bigger burden on hospital procurement and supply chain leaders. Juggling multiple demands, they are simultaneously working to ensure quality and safety, avoid supply chain disruptions, and navigate standardization.

To mitigate this pressure, hospitals are relying on three key areas to successfully procure patient care supplies.

Cost control is crucial in healthcare and hospitals work diligently to find vendors that can align with their needs, offer competitive pricing, and help optimize their budgets. But balancing cost with quality can sometimes feel challenging. Which brings us to the next key area of focus…

Product Quality
To maintain the highest level of patient care and safety, hospitals require products that meet critical quality standards. Sacrificing care for cost is non-negotiable. But sometimes supply chain staff find themselves questioning the quality of commodity products like ECG electrodes or MFEs. They rely on their healthcare providers to share honest feedback and do their best to achieve the highest quality products at the most reasonable price points. 

The key to effectively mastering this balance?

Vendor Relationships
Developing a village of individuals working together to accomplish a common goal is crucial for supply chain management. Being able to have transparent conversations and expectations can make the path of procurement much smoother. But there is not always an established level of comfort between supply chain leaders and vendor representatives. Looking for vendors who have strong reputations for partnership is a good starting place. Together, you can ensure that the needs of your facility are being met in every category. 

When supply chain leaders can secure the quality product they need within the scope of their budget, it’s a win-win scenario. And at the end of the day, this helps ensure exceptional care for every patient.

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