3 Tips to Unlock Value at Your ASC or Endocenter


Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Endocenters are experiencing record growth, with the most recent surge from having lower perceived health risks than hospitals during the pandemic. This growth makes it even more imperative that an ASC/Endocenter operate with efficiency and administrative excellence. Let’s look at three ways your center can unlock even more value.  

Multispecialty Doesn’t Mean Multiple Stressors
Recent data from CMS show that multispecialty centers are becoming the norm, with over 2000 orthopedic centers and 1100 endoscopy centers being multispecialty.* Some procedures, such as total joint replacement, are growing at an extremely fast pace.  Your center’s ability to offer a diversity of procedures provides more opportunity to grow, but this often requires the headaches of greater operational costs and broad vendor networks.

Partnering with a company that offers many products your center needs can help with efficiency and cost. Find a vendor partner that offers the power portfolio, video, electrosurgery, smoke evacuation, and disposables you need for your various procedures. Now, you’ll have one point of contact with a rep that knows your staff and facility best. Having just one hand to shake greatly improves your efficiency, not to mention the potential for cost-savings through bundling. It's like one stop shopping!

Plan for Future Recruitment Now
As the ASC growth trend is expected to continue over the next decade, it is important to have enough staff to meet growing demand. Try to plan now for the staff you need to hit your future growth targets. Experienced physicians at the top of their game can help. They tend to operate efficiently, have a large volume of patients they can bring to your center, and help enhance the reputation of the facility.

Seasoned OR managers can help turnover rooms quickly due to scheduling expertise. Find staff that have knowledge of multiple specialties or procedures, as this provides flexibility in scheduling and helps operations be as efficient as possible.

Partner for Clinical Excellence
It should be a priority to find a vendor that delivers products you trust, but a truly great partner offers more. Find a partner that is nimble enough to treat you with excellent customer service, but large enough to work with renown surgeons to develop innovative products that will enhance future patient outcomes. Embrace a partner that takes medical education seriously, offering CE courses, labs, and demos at industry events. Get a partner with a financial team that can create customized programs and incentives to help you improve care within your budget.

ASCs and Endocenters have serious demands, and making a plan that encompasses these three tips can provide you with flexibility and growth to positively position yourself well into the future. Find a partner that is easy to do business with here.