D4000 Arthroscopic Resection System

Versatile and easy-to-use with automatic fluid adjustment and two plug-and-play handpiece ports

Ergo™ Shaver Handpiece

Providing optimal balance and control, with a max speed of 12,000 RPM

Stealth™ Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coated Blades

Designed for increased cutting efficiency and reduced metal particulate

Lanza™ Tapered Specialty Shaver Blades

Engineered to overcome tight joint spaces, while offering an efficient, smooth cut

Mimix™ Small Joint Blades and Burs

Prebent, designed to mimic the anatomy found in the ankle

Signature Series™ Blades and Burs

Prebent to enable better reach in challenging anatomic space of the hip

Ultra Series™ Dual-Purpose Blades

One device that resects tissue and debrides bone, for convenience and cost-effectiveness

Sterling® Blades and Burs

A reliable, economic portfolio for your arthroscopic resection needs