Your Partners in Care

Invested in Your Success

When you partner with CONMED, we become an extension of your team, here to ensure you have everything you need to transform patient lives. We’re leading the pack in surgical and patient care products because our main focus is on our partner relationships. We’re a dynamic team of passionate people who develop and share the most innovative solutions so you can make a difference. We know that for you, patients always come first. That’s why for us, you come first.

Personal Connections

When you work with our representatives, you’re working with a teammate. Our mission is to go above and beyond for our healthcare partners, so we’re intentional with our recommendations. You’ll have a single point of contact you can rely on for everything you need.

Flexible Partners

We’re intentional about the size of our teams, even as we continue to grow. Our agility enables us to give you the attention you deserve and develop first-to-market products while offering you the flexibility you need. We have a comprehensive portfolio because everyone’s needs are different.

Trusted Advisors

Your success is our success, and your patients are our patients. That’s why we take the unique approach of focusing on each independent department at your facility so we can have deeper conversations with stakeholders and better meet your specific needs.

The Solutions You Need

Our ability to provide you with reliable end-to-end solutions designed to improve patient outcomes is unmatched. From cutting-edge smoke evacuation and energy devices to best-in-class electrodes and everything in between, we’ve got a robust suite of products, all in one place. 

Your Unique Needs

We understand your needs and we’re focused on delivering the highest value in all the areas that matter most.