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Interference Screw

The family of BioScrew® interference screws are clinically equivalent to metal interference screws. Made of Poly (L-Lactic Acid), the screw ensures secure graft fixation throughout the healing process and is gradually absorbed, eventually disappearing.

The BioScrew® XtraLok® interference screws are intended for tibial fixation of soft tissue grafts in ACL and PCL reconstruction. A 35-degree angled proximal face allows flush placement with the anterior tibial cortex. The proximal end expands by 1mm in diameter to provide additional cortical fixation. The screw’s violet color provides greater visibility during insertion.

The Guardsman® Style BioScrew® interference screws are specifically designed for femoral fixation. The rounded head pushes the graft into the tunnel for maximum fixation and protects the graft at the intra-articular insertion site. The tapered tip offers easier insertion into the tunnel.

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