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Argo Knotless®

Suture Anchor

Key Benefits

A Quick Release Driver and extended suture eyelet bring ease to your OR


Designed intuitively, so there’s no need to change your current technique


Putting you in control of tensioning, so what you set is what you get



Product Overview

This ia a system designed to minimize steps, maximize ease, and save you OR time. Argo Knotless® offers the next generation of knotless fixation, so you can maximize control of your technique and your surgical outcomes. 

Promoting Simplicity and Control

  • Quick Release Driver simplifies anchor disengagement post-insertion, eliminating any need for back malleting
  • Extended eyelet enables you to easily capture your suture or tape limbs and accommodate:
    • Up to six limbs of #2 Hi-Fi® Suture or Hi-Fi® Ribbon
    • Two limbs of Hi-Fi® Tape and two limbs of #2 Hi-Fi® Suture

Optimizing Outcomes

  • Smart Tension Technology facilitates consistent suture tension from insertion through deployment
  • Vented implant body may incorporate bony ingrowth
  • Thread pitch drop-off resists pullout for secure fixation, even in soft lateral bone

 A Full Bag of Solutions

  • Using Y-Knot® PRO RC Self-Punching All-Suture Anchor for your medial row can minimize steps and anchor footprint
  • Allopatch HD® offers a reliable, minimally processed scaffold in massive repair scenarios

Ready to take back control of your Rotator Cuffs?    

By the Numbers

We put Argo Knotless® to the test in a side-by-side comparison. The results speak for themselves.


All anchors were loaded with 6 limbs of #2 Hi-Fi® sutures Istrom tester was used 40/12.5 pcf foam bone to simulate good bone quality.
Report code: PDD#1811996

Documents and Specifications

Anchor and Accessories

Argo Knotless® Self-Punching Anchor, 4.75mm, one 1.0mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon

CAT # SPK475
Size 4.75mm
Loaded 1.0mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon

Argo Knotless® Self-Punching Anchor, 5.5mm, one 1.0mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon

Size 5.5mm
Loaded 1.0mm Hi-Fi® Ribbon

Customer Service

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